“i see Your face, You’re beautiful…” -phil wickham

January 25, 2008

(written on November 4, 2007)
so, i was tagging some friends in a facebook album… (yes, i realize the ridiculousness of that statement. what can i do? it’s the world i live in…) and for some reason something odd struck me. i realized that i had the option to put that square wherever i wanted to to tag that person, and yet i always choose the person’s face. so that got me thinking… in my own quirky roundabout way… about how we identify people. i wondered why we identify people mostly with their faces. “never forget a face” the old adage goes, right? but why? the face is where we find someone’s emotions i suppose. the mediator between our heads and hearts and others’ heads and hearts. i love pictures… especially laughing ones. i love to see the faces of loved ones that i haven’t seen in a long time. it’s their eyes and their smiles that remind me who they are. and so that, naturally, made me think about how i long to see God’s face. and what does that mean? if i say it, i should be able to explain it, right? wrong. so on my drive up to browns bridge community church this morning as the sun rose, i was listening to phil wickham’s new cd and thinking about this. and the song “Beautiful” came on. “i see Your face in every sunrise…” and i did, and i do. i long to identify God, though i know i am too feeble to do so. i long to see favor in His eyes and see laughter on His face. and i realized on that long drive watching the sun rise and the purple wildflowers to my left and the beautiful changing leaves… that i do see God’s face all around me. He espresses Himself in so many beautiful ways. and so i pleaded with Him to continue to show me His face. while i am grateful for His hand and His gifts and His actions… i simply long to look into His face. i long to know the little ways He expresses Himself. my friend bites his lip when he’s thinking… that’s how i know he’s thinking. another friend’s eyebrows get all crazy when she’s stressed… that’s how i know. today i watched a woman watch her husband and there was that look that i don’t know how to describe… but that look is how i know that she adores him. and so i long to know those characteristics about God. to see lightening and know that He is mighty, to see the sunrise and know that He is faithful, to hold someone’s hand and know that He is the God of all comfort. 
last winter i remember standing on a porch in north carolina and looking out on the snow and the bare trees. i remember thinking how beautiful it all was, and then it hit me. it was all dead. and the death was beautiful. and so perhaps God’s face is in that too. in the hard things. in the cold things. in the dead things. He is so mysterious and yet always so beautiful. may i always search His face in everything…


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